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les fleures  /  les sachets


mixed media

mortar  9.5×11cm

potpourri 15×50cm


弔うとはなに? なぜ花なのか。毎日墓地に通いつめて花とそれを手向けられた人の記録をした。 普段は花としか認識しないそれにその人の人生と生、人格を感じた。知らない土地誰かの故郷であるかのように、ただの花が墓に手向けられることで想いがの せられ植物であることを超え、概念的な意味で重みのある花になる。身体は無くなり朽ちてしまうけれど生きた美しい姿の花を供え続けることで魂の生は今も 続いてゆくという願いが、人が花を選んで供える理由なのかもしれない、と思う。


墓に手向けられている落下してしまった花弁を拾い集めそれぞれの故人の名前・生年・没年を記載し、墓のように整頓され床に並べる。 その花弁で墓地ごとのポプリを制作し、会場入り口付近のあえて離れた場所に展示した。

What is mourning? Why do we give flowers? I went to the cemetery every day to make a list of the flowers and the people they were for.

There, where I should have only felt the flower, I felt the life and personality of the deceased. An unknown land, someone's native country, the flower takes on a whole new meaning, conceptually connected to the grave. I think the reason people choose and give flowers is the desire that the life of the soul continues through this floral representation of the living although the body disappears as it decomposes.

This is what I learned from the scent of flowers, which persists even after decomposition.

I collected the fallen petals from the flowers placed on the graves, noted the name, year of birth and year of death of each deceased, then I arranged them in order on the ground, reconstituting the cemetery.

This reconstruction in flower petals of each cement mixer was made and exhibited in a remote location, near the entrance to the place.

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